Cosmetic Dentist in Buffalo Grove

Cosmetic Dentist in Buffalo Grove

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When you consider the versatility of crowns, they are most certainly MVP’s when it comes to restorations. About the only thing that could improve them at this point is to eliminate the second visit that typically is required to get one. Here at Kennedy & Limardi Family Dental, we proudly feature CEREC one day crowns, which are every bit as strong and aesthetically pleasing as one you would have to wait for. Instead, though, you can walk out after a single session with your new crown securely in place.

There’s no illusion or magic involved. The reason why our cosmetic dentist in Buffalo Grove is able to provide you with a crown in one visit is due to the state-of-the-art 3D technology behind CEREC. When you get a traditional crown, you come in and have impressions taken, and a temporary crown is placed. The dental lab is then given those impressions, using them to create your crown. You come back and have the temp removed and the permanent one fitted. And while that’s a good process that produces worthy results, it’s exciting to know that our cosmetic dentist in Buffalo Grove can make that process even easier. You have a busy schedule, and any traveling you can avoid is a good thing. Instead of impressions, which are often messy, advanced digital photos are used to form the basis of your CEREC crown. Computer software modeling and a precision machine, both right here at our office, allow for quick turnaround without sacrificing quality.

By removing impressions, temporary crowns, and the additional drain on your time, our cosmetic dentist in Buffalo makes it ever easier to get the crown you need to restore a tooth to full strength and/or size, or to improve its appearance. Please contact our office now to arrange an appointment.

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